Pendulum HealthCare Development Corporation's management team has worked with a variety of physicians, hospitals, employers, health plans and provider networks in startup, expansion and turnaround situations. Our goal is to revitalize interest in local delivery system transformation by helping physicians design risk and incentive plans that reimburse doctors based on quality outcomes not just the number of patients seen. Hospitals and health systems are critical to managing inpatient costs through efficient use of clinical standards, chronic care management support and alignment of the delivery system.
We firmly believe employers have options at the local level to improve both quality and access to affordable care through collective action and direct contracting with physicians.

Performance Management System and Incentives

This is accomplished through a sophisticated medical management system tied to a powerful marketing capability that balances growth with care improvement. The system moves away from traditional utilization review and the expectation of cost management through manipulation of price and volume, but instead works toward measuring success of care delivered in terms of actual outcomes.

Both physicians and hospital databanks are used to help physicians to link evidence based care to rewards that benefit the patient and the employer. (With the interest in employers increasing deductibles and coinsurance, patients and employers are interested in making sure they are able to identify the best doctors that offer the most value in terms of efficiency and effective care, not just the cheapest doctors.)

Management Team

Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and experience. The Shared Vision of the client is viewed by specialists in finance and operations and marketing and management, is seen by clinical analysts, and complemented by medical management staff, organizational development and technology professionals. All have worked in more than a single corporation, have 20 plus years of experience and are required to follow the Consultants Code of Ethical Standards.

Board of Directors and Advisors

Our Board represents physicians, government directors, association executives, academics, entrepreneurs in banking and technology as well as investors.
We also have technical advisors including actuaries, attorneys, infomaticists, software developers and health information exchange professionals.