If your organization is like most, you have a vast preponderance of data—much of it unstructured and spread over many different platforms, systems and standards. What if you could get your hands around it all, and make it do your bidding?

Pendulum Health has assisted clients large and small in finding data partners, preparing RFPs and developing technology platforms so they can better manage their enterprises.

In building these relationships, we saw many good software and service applications and worked with vendors streaming data from their EMRs through the development of a database but what was missing was analytics. That is the ability to drill down further and further into massive databases and then connect the dots. The dots in this case would be to get at the root cause of a diagnosis or a referral due to a disease grouping or a particular physician or network provider.

To be able to link this to a payer such as a specific employer or Medicare was valuable insight because comparing a person with a specific illness from a specific age group with a specific set of other conditions allowed the client to compare each patient’s health status with others that have a similar health statuses and compare both treatment options as well as forecast illness status into the future. This allowed the client to react not just to the patient’s immediate condition but also to their long term needs and probability of illness.

In researching the various available vendors over the past 12 years, we have been able to find the best the industry has to offer and we have incorporated these vendors into an integrated flow of data and benchmarking toolsets.

Your Pendulum Health team takes your enterprise, legacy, claims, and all disparate data—and subjects it to rigorous analysis. Cleansing and warehousing it to deliver customized analytics, dashboards and reports. Drilling down to answer the questions most asked in the provision of healthcare. Turning bits into knowledge you can use.

When you understand the why of your data, it becomes clear what metrics matter, what actionable insight you need, and what elements of healthcare can help you move the needle toward better quality and more affordable care.

Big data can be your ally and your advantage. That's what we're here for.

Enterprise Data

All of your data, refined, integrated and delivered to you through our Platform as a Service solution set.

Legacy Data

Different sources, years, all driven to one common platform.

Claims Data

Purpose driven to help you understand the metrics that matter.

Disparate Data

Any source, brought together in a customized client platform.