Despite decreases in admission rates and length of stay, hospitals remain the biggest cost center for most managed care organizations. Hospital from Pendulum HealthCare Development Corporation provides advanced hospital analysis tools to examine inpatient, outpatient, and emergency room care in the context of episodes of care. Users can more accurately measure the performance of hospitals and get a better understanding of how different hospitals and hospitals systems are performing.

Hospital begins with fast, flexible, and easy reporting of core measures. Drilling down into days/1,000 and average length of stay are just the beginning. You can examine inpatient costs as part of a broader episode of care, track and analyze cost-shifting practices, and find hospitals with high post-discharge costs.

The system includes “standard measures” like days/1,000 and emergency room (ER) visits/1,000, plus episode- enriched measures like clinically related readmission rates. You can generate reports for hospital systems, individual hospitals, physician groups, and employers, lines of business, disease, and diagnostic related groups (DRGs). The software produces tables and graphs of information showing trends in a wide array of performance measures in each major hospital area: inpatient care, outpatient care, and ER care.


Hospital software consists of the following three integrated modules, each focused on a particular type of service rendered by hospitals:

Inpatient Module: Links Episodes with DRGs

  • Build better case rates that include professional, facility, pre-admission, and post-discharge costs
  • Distinguish between clinically related and clinically unrelated readmissions

Outpatient Surgery Module: Combines facility claims with professional claims

  • Compare providers, hospitals, surgery centers, etc.
  • Find treatment leading up to surgery
  • Track complications

ER Module: Starts with traditional utilization measures, but also locates ER visits in a broader context of inpatient and outpatient care

  • Identify ER visits and rates
  • Compare how often hospitals admit ER patients
  • Find PCPs with high ER visit rates

The result is a decision support tool that supports managers when they work with partner hospitals to provide more cost-effective care. Hospital is especially well-suited for calculation of case rates and analyses of cost shifting. This is truly the next generation of hospital analysis for managed care.


  • Accurately measure the performance of hospitals
  • Work with partner hospitals to provide more cost-effective care
  • Save time preparing reports
  • Analyze trends and outpatient surgery rates and costs


  • Produces trend reports and graphs for all aspects of hospital activity
  • Identifies clinically related readmissions
  • Drills into days/1,000 and average length of stay to find opportunities for mprovement
  • Tracks cost-shifting and care-shifting practices
  • Builds case rates that include professional, facility, pre-admit, and post-discharge costs
  • Understands ER use as it relates to patient, facility, primary care provider, and diseases