Challenged by consolidation and an increasingly competitive marketplace, health plans and third party administrators (TPAs) must differentiate themselves from competitors to win and retain business. To determine a solid strategy, comparative data is needed to evaluate and benchmark financial and clinical performance.


       Decrease Per Member Cost: Our actionable metrics show you the opportunities to drive down costs in overutilization, unnecessary care, and deviations from better practices.

       Decrease Provider Overutilization: We have metrics that highlight the deviations in provider care, provider pay versus peer groups and provider behavior patterns by hospital.

       Educate and Prevent: With 75% of healthcare dollars being spent on patients with one or more chronic condition, we can help you understand where to allocate education resources and prevention dollars.

       Reshape your Payment Methodology: By better understanding the true metrics driving your plan costs, you can better assess your risk, and plan methodologies.

        All Providers Are Not Alike: You know this. You have seen the costing reports. We will help you understand the behavior changes necessary to keep up with the evolving mandates and cost burdens


Pendulum has established a new and improved data capture and analysis toolset.