Incorporated in 1997, Pendulum HealthCare Development Corporation’s initial clients were physician networks and hospital-physician joint ventures. Pendulum Health also provided temporary management services to transition employer direct contracting strategies for IPAs, and PHOs, and continues to offer payer contracting services for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, independent pharmacy networks, independent lab networks, long term care companies, and similar specialty physician networks. Pendulum has worked with primary care extensively but also created cardiology, ophthalmology, urology, orthopedic, oncology, and mental health behavioral practice networks.  In select cases Pendulum also helped in the capital formation process as either investor or partner with providers working towards long term success in care management.


By 2001, employers and community-based health plans started to see the value of these services from a payer perspective. Pendulum Health expanded its capabilities and technology to become a full service information company, helping to bring answers to questions dealing with measuring successful changes in benefits design, clinical quality and safety improvement, as well as the economics of delivery system transformation.


In 2006, Pendulum Health expanded its partnerships and made several offers to purchase and/or manage provider sponsored health plans. Most of these were hospital owned plans that needed a partner to help them transfer out of the business of operating a managed care company but still needed the visits and admissions from their prepaid population. Pendulum Health developed a shared resource platform to operate each franchise at the community level, thereby giving each client an opportunity for growth outside their service area.


In 2007, Pendulum acquired Physicians of Wisconsin and helped form an alliance of 12 Independent Practice Associations representing 5000 physicians in the state of Wisconsin. PHDC s assisted them in developing a unified approach to purchaser contracting and updated the members on State and federal regulations that pertained to the practices and IPAs in general. Holding quarterly meetings in several regions of the state and an annual meeting and Madison these IPAs benefited from the alliance in purchasing, contracting and also meeting with employers who were able to explain what it was they were looking for in contracting with insurers who, in turn, contracted with many of these same IPAs. Some o of this activity led to direct employer contracts.  In 2012 Pendulum renamed this organization Gold Star Alliance for Health and included both providers as well as employer purchasers in their membership.


In 2009 Pendulum Health was asked to build a physician owned and sponsored HMO in Puerto Rico. The plan launched as one of the early CMS sponsored Special Needs Plans (SNP) on the island and was the only island wide physician owned enterprise of its kind in Puerto Rico. We led the development of the Medicare Advantage Licensing process which established the framework for internal operations and external provider and beneficiary communications planning. In addition we helped hire and train several lead staff members in compliance and provider relations as well as supported the capitalization process with investors through education and conducting a competitive analysis in each region of the island that the health plan was to operate. Puerto Rico has the largest concentration of Special needs enrollment anywhere in the US. Using out CMS contacts at regional and central offices we assisted the plan in obtaining rapid approval as well as preparing them for the site visit by CMS. Pendulum Health continues to work with the government of Puerto Rico, Panama and Costa Rica in building high performance networks, sharing both technical assistance and business advisory services to health plans, governments and investors in the Caribbean.

This led to an introduction to several investor organizations asking us to help due diligence on Medicare and Dual eligible Health plans as well as assisting in  building operational improvement plans and marketing strategies for these acquired entities .


In 2010, Pendulum Health was invited by the president of Turkey and its Health Minister to present at the first international Pay for Performance Symposium in Antalya, Turkey. Mr. DeMarco continues to work within the health industry moving their single payer program to a pay for performance system using Pendulum Health’s experience in building and managing prepaid health plans.


2012, Pendulum Health was at the front of the ACO movement as regulations promoted this newly designed concept of Shared Savings through Medicare CMS and Medicare Innovation Centers.  Pendulum Health and its team presented to hospital systems, medical groups and medical societies as well as investors and technology firms on the basics of ACO and Medicare bonus opportunities. By the end of 2013 we had helped establish 13 ACOs including the early stage Advanced Pay MMSP plans, several MSSP track one plans and are now working with new Generation risk Models. We are also assisting a variety of other organizations in various stages of development including feasibility, system selection, temporary executive assignments, Business planning and ACO expansion.


2015 Pendulum Health Opened an office in St Paul Minnesota and established a Gold Star Alliance for Health as a management services organization ( MSO) to operate a series of physician networks, ACOs and Community Based Health Plans throughout the state of Minnesota . Gold Stars first Franchise will open 2016


The company continues to operate as a privately held corporation funded by a team of private and institutional investors. We are not owned by an insurance company. We do not sell software or insurance but rather have chosen to sell solutions to the long term problems and conflicts between health care financing and delivery at a community/regional level through a combination of technology, management skills and capital formation strategies.

Our Clients 2017

The firm's clients include physician networks, physician-hospital networks, hospital networks, university medical schools, multi-specialty group practices, systems and technology companies and associations nationwide.

Physician Groups and Networks

  • Radiology Network of Western NY, Buffalo, NY.
  • Lake County Alliance for Medical Care, Libertyville, IL
  • Fox Valley IPA, Aurora, IL
  • M.D. Health Plan, New Haven, CT
  • Independent Physicians of New Jersey
  • StaffCorp, Rockford, IL
  • Radiology Network, Corpus Christi, TX
  • Connecticut State Medical Society
  • Northwestern Eye Group Boston MA
  • Physician Foundation, Boston, MA
  • Integrity Health Network, Duluth, MN
  • Hammond Clinic, Munster, IN
  • Oklahoma City Clinic, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
  • Resource Rehabilitation Group, Green Bay, WI
  • Beloit Clinic, Beloit, WI
  • Holt-Krock Clinic, Little Rock, AR
  • Ravenswood Physician Associates, IL
  • Key Physicians, NC
  • Piedmont Physcians Group Statesville North Carolina
  • Coastal Medical Group Ne Bern North Carolina

Hospital Networks

  • New Rochelle Hospital, New Rochelle, NY
  • Swedish American Health Systems, Rockford, IL
  • Mt. Sinai Hospital Medical Center, Chicago, IL
  • Hinsdale Hospital, Hinsdale, IL
  • Tulsa Regional Medical Center, Tulsa, OK
  • Beloit Hospital, Beloit, IL
  • Pekin Integrated Delivery System, Pekin, IL
  • St. Mary's Hospital, Kankakee, IL
  • St. Mary's Medical Center, Evansville, IN
  • University Medical Schools Dartmouth Medical Center, Hanover, NH
  • Alabama Medical Center, Birmingham, AL
  • University of Nebraska, Omaha, NE
  • Mercy Hospital Chicago
  • Iredell Hospital North Carolina
  • Presence Health Chicago
  • Key West Hospital Key West Florida
  • St. Joseph's/Candler, Savannah, GA
  • Covenant Health Systems, Milwaukee, WI 

Multi-Specialty Group Practices

  • Hammond Clinic, Munster, IN
  • Oklahoma City Clinic, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
  • Beloit Clinic, Beloit, WI
  • Resource Rehabilitation Group, Green Bay, WI
  • Holt-Krock Clinic, Little Rock, AR
  • Medical Associates of Lehigh Valley, Allentown, PA

Systems and Technology Companies

  • Health Management Technologies, Moraga, CA
  • Pendulum Healthcare Development Corporation of America, Rockford, IL
  • Delphi Group, Incorporated, Cary, IL
  • Health e Technology Chicago, Illinois
  • Cognitor Chicago, Illinois
  • RICOH Tokyo, Japan
  • Glen Ridge Glen Ridge, California
  • My Chart San Francisco, California
  • Clinigence Atlanta, Georgia
  • Qual Metrics, Florida
  • Tich Consulting S.L., Spain
  • Eagle Force Virginia

 Association Clients

  • American Association of Health Plans
  • American Hospital Association American Medical
  • Association Governance Committee/Advisory Board Group
  • American Medical Association
  • National Society of Medical Society Executives
  • American Marketing Association
  • National Managed Health Care Congress
  • Kansas Hospital Association
  • Iowa State Medical Society
  • Indiana State Medical Society
  • Texas Medical Association IPA
  • Association of America Radiology Business Managers
  • Association American College of Radiology
  • American Cardiology Association Urology Association of Michigan Urology
  • Association of Ohio Urology
  • Association of Southern California
  • Physicians of Wisconsin
  • Medical Society of North Carolina
  • Physicians Foundation
  • HFMA National
  • HFMA - Chicago
  • HFMA - Salt Lake
  • HFMA – Oregon
  • HFMA Las Vegas
  • HFMA Hawaii
  • HFMA Illinois
  • HFMA Rhode Island
  • HFMA Vermont

Health Plans And Insurers

  • Midwest Business Group On Health
  • Louisiana Mutual Medical Insurance Company
  • CIGNA of Illinois
  • Travelers National Health Plans
  • United Health Plans of Minneapolis
  • I Care Milwaukee Wisconsin

Physician-Owned Health Plans

  • Rockford Health Plans (formerly Clinicare)
  • M.D. Health Plans of Connecticut
  • Health Plus, Wichita, KS
  • Independent Physicians of New Jersey
  • MidSouth Health Plan, Memphis, TN
  • Personal Care Health Plan Champaign Urbana
  • Health Plan of America, San Francisco, CA
  • Physician's Plus Madison, Wisconsin

Employer and Coalition Clients

  • Midwest Business Group on Health
  • Milwaukee Business Group on Health
  • Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation
  • Advocates for Marketplace Options on Mainstreet (AMOM)
  • Self-insured Benefits Association
  • City of Thomasville, Georgia
  • International Foundation for Employee Benefits
  • Northern Illinois Association for Employee Benefits
  • Employer Coalition on Health

Contact names for these and other clients are available upon request.


Our Management Professionals

Management Professionals associated with Pendulum Health all have on-hands experience in the research, design, development and implementation of successful employer and provider sponsored health plans.


Disciplines include: database management, clinical guideline research, biostatistics, claims analysis, medical management, finance and marketing.