We have been taking a little time off to get ahead of the ACA repeal plan and helping clients build new opportunities for the future. We have also posted the Congressional Budget Report released 1/17/2017 scoring the costs and savings of portions of Obamacare repeal on our website for you review.

2016 was busy with new and existing clients. Our background in working with physicians and healthcare organizations for over 40 years has been immensely helpful and it has been satisfying to see physicians take the lead in their communities to get ahead of reform and build sustainable strategies.

Highlights of our past year include:


Pharmacy ACO
We assisted in the design, development and implementation of a pharmacy ACO-like network that contracted with a large employer coalition to manage costs and conduct reconciliation of prescription drugs to avoid adverse episodes of under or over use.

Growth of Physician
Network We have been working with an existing ACO that wants to move to direct employer contracting using its ACO Health System as a narrow high performance network. This primary care owned ACO is now building a strong management team to bring on investor capital to make the jump to full risk as a Medicare Advantage plan with a commercial product line for large and small business.

ACO Startups
Pendulum Health helped conduct feasibility studies for six new ACOs and helped three of these organizations through the application process, early construction of the medical management components of the ACO including care coordination, case management, physician education, clinical measures selection, as well as working on organizational design, administrative roles, committee goals, budgets and business plans. We are now assisting in the hire and training of new executive directors in two ACOs and a medical director in a third.

Technology Group
We assisted a technology startup in California move forward into the ACO environment using their case management and patient tracking tools that are far ahead of the industry standard.

Investor Relationships
We have begun two new relationships in addition to several existing relationships. In one case we have been appointed to their Board to evaluate investments in the health care space and in another we are acting as a business adviser to look at investments in risk bearing strategies for physician driven enterprises.