Dr. William DeMarco will be speaking at the Rise West Summit on 9/11/2019 and he will be chairing track B on 9/11 with the following speakers scheduled for that day. Continue reading for more information on this event.


H645 Bill DeMarco 1

1:00PM - There’s a Hole in the Bucket: Update on Interoperability, Commercial RADV, and Universal Coverage

  • Grasp the must-know factors affecting the current regulatory landscape and explore whether Interoperability will reshape the face of Healthcare as we know it
  • Explore the other RADV – same acronym, different problems, and possible solutions
  • Gain simple solutions to complicated problems in the ACA – hear how universal coverage is closer than you think, and what it will take to get us there

J. Gabriel McGlamery J.D., Senior HCR Policy Consultant Florida Blue Center for Health Policy


1:45PM - Risk Adjustment Methodology as it Relates to Silver Loading and Marketplace Subsidy

  • Discover the effects and impacts of Silverloading on premiums and how insurers should optimize their plan designs
  • Discuss how Silverloading is intertwined with Risk Adjustment Programs
  • Tap into insights on attrition management – specifically how non-payment / partial year enrollment factors will be affected

David Anderson, MSPPM Research Associate Duke-Robert J. Margolis, MD, Center for Health Policy


See the Rise West Summit website for the full agenda.